Making Magical Memories!

Writing an adoption blog post on Easter can go in many different directions. Easter is 100% the celebration of the love of God sending his son to die on the cross for my sin. But, I feel like an expecting momma trying to find the perfect family for her child is also interested in family traditions. So…I’ve spent some time today looking through some family photos and wanted to share my childhood memories of Easter.

Tradition 1: Going to church!

My mom’s parents and my dad’s mom were all very dedicated to their church and sharing the gospel. They instilled those values in my parents and my parents instilled those values in me. Its part of my heritage and I fully intend to raise my child knowing Christ is my Lord and savior and praying that my child will chose to trust in Jesus as well.

Tradition 2: The Dress!

Easter was also the time to wear the best of your Sunday best. My moms aunt always made a trip to a boutique in Madison Indiana each spring to buy my cousin and me an Easter Dress. The dresses were very lacy and frilly. At the time, I thought I was a princess. As I got older, I rebelled against the embellishments. Now, I realize how lucky I was to have a family that was devoted to making magical memories for me.

The full Easter experience: The dress, the bonnet, the eggs and Abigail.

Tradition 2: Easter Dinner!

My family certainly knows how to pull together a feast. I’ll always remember everyone begging my grandmother to make her famous dressing. We really could have cared less about the turkey, but the dressing is a huge favorite. The whole family would gather around the table (and even visitors), we would pray, get overly stuffed on the yummy food and then the anticipation of the Easter Egg hunt began.

Tradition 3: The Hunt!

The adults always stuffed and ready to nap, but the kids just wouldn’t rest until the egg hunt. In the 80’s the eggs were truly just hard boiled eggs that had been decorated the day before. I never knew about plastic eggs stuffed with candy or money until I grew up. I didn’t care. I loved hunting the eggs.

As my cousins and I grew up, there was a time when the teenagers flipped the tables on the adults and hid the eggs for the adults to find. Then, my nephew came along and it was 100% back to making magical memories for him. It’s always so much fun.

I found one!

Magical Memories:

Creating magical memories with children is the second best heritage that you can give a child. Knowing that their family cared enough to make those opportunities for non-stop giggling will stay with them for a lifetime. I fully intend to make lots of magical memories with the child I am blessed to parent.

My cousins, my nephew and me having an easter egg hunt in my back yard.

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